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Muslimgauze - Uzbekistani Bizzare & Souk - CD

Muslimgauze - Uzbekistani Bizzare & Souk - CD

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Uzbekistani has long been considered one of the pillars of the muslimgauze catalog though it has never enjoyed a proper release. 200 copies were given away by Staalplaat on d.a.t. and bootlegs circulated. Here is the official release with bonus tracks. The first edition of 1000 is being issued in hand numbered packaging made by the people at Manifesto Press. They used an ancient letter press printing method to create very special packaging. The letter press method is still very popular in the Middle East, despite the West's embracing of the conventional offset printing technique. 


1. Abdul's Halal

2. Takfir Wa Higra

3. With Indian Rope

4. Glass Mughal

5. The Iranian Who Found Allah

6. Harijana

7. Rouge Amin Fraction

8. Glass Mughal

9. Takfir Ma Higra

10. Abdul's Hala

11. Paper Gulag

12. Paper Gulag

13. Leboneeze

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