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Kimya Dawson - Knock Knock Who? - LP/CD

Kimya Dawson - Knock Knock Who? - LP/CD

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On break from Rough Trade and her band The Moldy Peaches, our friend Kimya finds herself at home on Important Records releasing two albums at once. Both albums are full of unique, original and beautifully moving folk songs about Matlock, Atari 2600's, love, growing up, growing old and the Golden Girls. Kimya is one of the most unique voices in modern music and we're honored to be releasing these albums.Both albums were recorded after her Rough Trade solo debut and both prove to be even stronger.


1. Nobody's Hippie

2. Great Crap

3. My Bike

4. Jest's Birthday

5. Time To Think

6. Sound of Ataris

7. So Nice So Smart

8. For Boxer

9. I'm Fine

10. Stink Mama 

11. Red, White & Blue Dream

12. Once Upon A Time

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