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Fe-Mail - Syklubb Fra Haelvete - CD

Fe-Mail - Syklubb Fra Haelvete - CD

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"Out of Norway comes the most exciting noise LP I've heard to date. These two women romp thru stimulating noise compositions fresh and clean with a distinct Scandinavian frost. But there's always an undercurrent of warm embrace, sweet and masterful." ~ Thurston Moore.

Already an incontestable figure in the Scandinavian music scene, Maja Ratkje follows the release of her stunning first solo album, Voice (Rune Grammaphone), with Fe-Mail.Together with fellow Spunk-ette Hild Sofie Tafjord, Ratkje improvises with analogue electronic gear, samplers, voice, harmonica, and miscellaneous acoustic instruments to shape a more defined series of soundscapes and delicate sound, if delicate can in any way define the realm in which Fe-Mail evolve.


1. Jacob's Toy

2. Skylubb Fra Haelvete

3. Modogin

4. Nincompoop

5. Gossip

6. Residents

7. Water Music

8. A Merry Day In the Woods

9. Virus Attachment 1

10. Virus Attachment 2

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