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Kawabata Makoto - O Si Amos A Sighire A Essere Duas Umbras? - CD

Kawabata Makoto - O Si Amos A Sighire A Essere Duas Umbras? - CD

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Kawabata Makoto (leader of Japanese collective The Acid Mothers Temple) has created O Si Amos A Essere Duas Umbras? in tribute to Sardegna where Kawabata's creative life recently achieved a highly influential spiritual climax. According to Kawabata, these recordings represent one of the most important moments in his life. While in Sardegna he found his "cosmos." At some point on his trip, a new cosmos opened for him and he received "many wonderful vibrations" from these cosmos. These are the very first of his works created after this transcendental experience. Hearing and feeling these tracks it is apparent that Kawabata has been deeply spiritually affected since his last solo outing.

O Si Amos A Essere Duas Umbras? is comprised of two epic, deeply meditative, spiritual and transcendental compositions. Track one, titled Ses Aintro ‘e mene finzas Si Ses In S'Atter'Ala E Su Mundu is the very first solo track Kawabata has ever recorded on an acoustic guitar. Filtered through 3 reverb units and a single delay this epic acoustic track starts off droning but quickly builds with reverb drenched and finger picked momentum light years away from any of Kawabata's solo guitar work.

The second major composition is the album's namesake. This deeply spiritual electric guitar drone was also played through 3 reverb units and a single delay machine. Drawing the listener in, these drones resonate deeply and numbly seduce the active listener into a meditative state capable of understanding what Kawabata Makoto means when he says he found his "cosmos." If you're having trouble actualizing your cosmos, or even understanding Kawabata's spiritual experience, take this home and put on your headphones. The skies will open and you'll be full of vibrations.


1. Ses Aintro 'E Mene Finzas Si Ses In S'atter Ala E Su Mundu

2. O Si Amos A Sighire A Essere Duas Umbras?


"Weaving shimmering phrases and drones, Makoto brings to mind the soundscapes of Robert Fripp's more recent solo releases, especially Fripp's collaboration with Jeffrey Fayman, A Temple In the Clouds...." ~ Igloo

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