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Jack Dangers - Forbidden Planet Explored - 2CD

Jack Dangers - Forbidden Planet Explored - 2CD

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Important Records couldn't be more happy to welcome the legendary producer Jack Dangers to the Important fold. You may know Jack as the founding member of the most experimental and influencial group ever to hit the dance floor, Meat Beat Manifesto. His intensely elaborate work with Meat Beat Manifesto combined deep bass grooves, massive bursting samples and dense barrages of hip-hop, industrial and avant-funk and his giant influence is now practically immeasurable.

Danger's personal soundtrack for Forbidden Planet has become the stuff of legend since its performance at the I.D.E.A.L. Festival and his fans have been after recordings of it ever since. As a special bonus, Forbidden Planet Explored contains a second CD full of sci-fi sound effects inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (highly innovative collaborative workshop responsible for early groundbreaking electronic music which were used as the soundtrack for numerous BBC programs starting in the 60s) and vintage sci-fi films such as Forbidden Planet.

Sci Fi Sound Effects was created on his room sized EMS Synthi 100. Jack's Synthi 100 is one of the only 29 ever built and one of the only Synthi's known to be operational. From the Synthi 100, this maestro of sound was able to produce elaborate unheard tones, drones, bleeps and blobs. This CD is only available as an accompaniment to Forbidden Planet Explored. 

Jack Dangers is widely respected as one of the fathers of modern experimental electronic and dance music. These recordings document his further explorations in the world of sound. Jack Dangers is one of the most omnipresent remixers of all time having remixed Nine Inch Nails, The Shamen, Jon Spencer Blues, Coil, Depeche Mode, Mickey Hart, Merzbow, David Bowie, Banco De Gaia, Orbital and countless more.


"Intriguing and intimidating…. Dangers' cultural osterizing evolves to the nth degree of studio sophistication...." ~ Rolling Stone

"Without MBM's groundbreaking amalgams of hip-hop and industrial dance music, modern dance music, genres such as Big Beat and Drum & Bass wouldn't exist... one of Britain's most inventive practitioners of sampladelic funk." ~ Alternative Press

"A true innovator, MBM main man Jack Dangers helped lay down the rules for dub-inflected electronica, throwing down heavy breaks atop challenging experimental sound" ~ CMJ

"The sounds of futuristic riddims that both predate electronic genre nicknames and mock their ideals; one that may be defined purely by its sphere of influence on modern music…." ~ URB

"Without Meat Beat Manifesto, there'd be no Chemical Brothers...." ~ Select

"The über-lord of breakbeat" & "…If you've been studying hard at Fatboy Slim's Junior High Beat School, maybe its time to graduate to the Meat Beat Academy." ~ Melody Maker

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