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Mars - 1977-1978 Complete Studio Recordings - LP

Mars - 1977-1978 Complete Studio Recordings - LP

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Mars was the first and most influential of NYCs No Wave groups

1977-1978 The Complete Studio Recordings is a hand numbered limited edition one time vinyl pressing of 1000 copies. Each is housed in a deluxe imported sparkle paper jacket with a printed insert and printed inner jacket. This is an exact replica of the CD edition released last year. 4 tracks produced by Brian Eno.


1. 3E

2. 11,000 Volts

3. Helen Forsdale

4. Hairwaves

5. Tunnel

6. Puerto Rican Ghost

7. N.N.End

8. Scorn

9. Outside Africa

10. Monopoly

11. The Immediate Stages of the Erotic