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Wolf Eyes - Fuck the Old Miami - LP

Wolf Eyes - Fuck the Old Miami - LP

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When Important and Wolf Eyes started talking a while back about what to release together, both sides agreed that it had to be Fuck the Old Miami, a Wolf Eyes self-released CDR that was issued in a tiny handmade edition of 222 copies. Wolf Eyes always wanted this to come out officially as they thought it was one of their greatest live moments. Done. Wolf Eyes wanted vinyl. Done. Wolf Eyes wanted an elaborate b side etching. Done. Done. Done. When Wolf Eyes wants something you give it to them.

Fuck the Old Miami is a strictly limited edition 12” vinyl featuring the entire live performance on the A side, and a B side etching hand carved into the original lacquers by Wolf Eyes. On their home lathe Wolf Eyes cut playable grooves into and around the etching, playable at your own risk. We're not aware of any record ever released to contain a playable etching on the B side. Cover features original artwork by Wolf Eyes.

Here's what Stylus Magazine had to say:

As is often the case with their kind, the three wolf pups decided after a long run of fierce live shows to mellow out for the evening in the hometown. This was a welcome and delightful change of pace indeed. (For the record the Old Miami is a venue in Detroit. Why it should be fucked I do not know.) The disc doesn’t immediately come across as mild as promised, however. The music is quite haunting, bringing to mind old Goblin soundtrack works. After the sax comes in this all changes though. Suddenly “Suspiria” is replaced with “Space is the Place” as everything melds into a bizarre mix of cosmic free jazz and signature Wolf Eyes muddiness. The patented slow-as-molasses bass explosions do finally work their way in at the end to reassure everyone that all is still good and fist-pumping can resume. While still far from tame or relaxing, this is quite a step down for a group that is usually seen head banging to wall-rattling tape loops. For optimum listening try 3AM candlelight.


A. Fuck the Old Miami

B. Playable Etching (play at your own risk)


“(Wolf Eyes) stomps through the rock underground with hyper-loud shows full of frantic fist-pumping and messianic stage moves.” ~ The Onion

“If Wolf Eyes stand out from the legacy of doomsayers that includes Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Whitehouse, and more recently Yellow Swans, it's because they're impressively, expertly abrasive.” ~ Pitchfork

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