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The Hafler Trio (with Jonsi Birgisson) - Exactly As I Do - 2CD

The Hafler Trio (with Jonsi Birgisson) - Exactly As I Do - 2CD

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"Voice, the most human expression of a person, stripped down and elabrated to show the essence of a person, and a human, leading towards the divine, hopefully." ~ Andrew McKenzie of The Hafler Trio

Exactly As I Do finds The Hafler Trio collaborating with Jonsi Birgisson, the vocalist and guitar player for the Icelandic group Sigur Rós. Exactly As I Do is part of the Hafler Trio's continuing Voice Series, which has already included Blixa Bargeld of Einsturzende Neubauten and David Tibet of Current 93. Exactly As I Do is lavishly packaged in a special die cut oversized package printed on two different types of parchment, meant to imitate small editions of French poetry circa 1900.

From The Hafler Trio:

"All's well that ends well, said the wren when she pissed into the sea. Jonsi and the h3o embark on waters, not treading and almost walking. The voice of the mistress calls us all, and here, the phone number is supplied, recorded and manipulated, caressed and coffeted in the fine city of Reykjavik in 2005. The ears are the orifice that is made love to with the caresses of a beast covered in honey. Personality is flipped to negative, essence is flipped to positive. The work feeds the latter."


1-1  Āśis

1-1a  No One

1-1b  Nowhere

1-1c  Nothing

1-1d  An Angel Pissed On My Tongue

1-1e  The Table Has A Short Leg

1-1f  Inhaled By God

1-1g  Spit and the World Ends

2-1  Shaktipat

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