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Angels Of Light - New Mother - 2LP

Angels Of Light - New Mother - 2LP

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A mix of powerful, complex and imaginative American songwriting that moves from country melancholy to raspy blues to dark and psychotic narrative grooves, all delivered with gently plucked layers of acoustic and electric guitars that slowly unravel into psychedelic folk lullabies. 

Limited edition of 500 with 100 on white vinyl. 


1. Fragment

2. Praise Your Name

3. New Mother

4. Angels Of Light

5. Inner Female

6. This Is Mine

7. Shame

8. Intermission

9. The Man With the Silver Tongue

10. Real Person

11. Forever Yours

12. How We End

13. The Garden Hides the Jewel

14. Not Alone

15. Song For My Father

16. His Entropic Highness

17. Fear of Death

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