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Earth/KK Null - Tour Split - CD

Earth/KK Null - Tour Split - CD

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Earth/KK Null was originally released as a limited edition of 660 split color vinyl tour LP sold on their European tour together in 2003. (The vinyl edition now fetches rather large sums on internet auction sites). But forget about collector prices, this is a split release from two massive historic figures in the international underground. Earth has singularly created their own metal genre with followers like Sunn O))), Khanate, Ocean, Boris and many others. KK Null is one of the most significant figures in underground Japan playing in legendary groups like Absolut Null Punkt and Zeni Geva. 

Artwork by Stephen O'Malley.


1. Earth (2) - Dexamyl

2. K.K. Null - Andromeda

3. Earth (2) - Dexamyl (K.K. Null Mix)