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Carlos Giffoni - Welcome Home - CD

Carlos Giffoni - Welcome Home - CD

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Welcome Home is less of a homecoming and more of a coming out for Carlos Giffoni, a highly respected and active NYC collaborator who typically shares the stage and records with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, John Duncan, Massimo, Thurson Moore and many others. Giffoni has long been the experimentalist's experimentalist and now on Welcome Home, his first official full length, we find him center stage, where he belongs.

Like many of the great electronic artsts, Giffoni builds his own custom electronics and programs his own software with which he's able to achieve sounds uniquely his own. Welcome Home, taking over three years to complete, is full of heavy electronic compositions using meticulously arranged microsound particles generated from Giffoni's unique equipment.

Giffoni is certainly a centerpiece in the American experimental electronic underground functioning as an A-list collaborator and as the primary organizer of NYC's No Fun Fest. Fans of his collaborations, and his band Monotract, will relish in this opportunity to hear Giffoni under the lights and all alone.


1. Welcome Home

2. Expectations

3. 4-Trode Events

4. Bushwick

5. Irradiated

6. Assumptions

7. Unopened Bottle

8. Synapses

9. The Bold & the Mad

10. Who Is Home?

11. Macro-Micro

12. Departure Time


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