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The Hafler Trio (with Jonsi Birgisson) - Exactly As I Am - 2CD

The Hafler Trio (with Jonsi Birgisson) - Exactly As I Am - 2CD

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Exactly As I Am is the third and final release in The Hafler Trio's collaborative series with Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Rós. Like the first two in the series, Exactly As I Am is a double full length release and is comprised of all new material recorded in May and June of 2005. Exactly As I Am is lavishly packaged in a special die cut oversized package printed on two different types of parchment, meant to imitate small editions of French poetry circa 1900.


1-1. Vi-Parīta

1-1a.  Never Read A Book That Is Not A Year Old & Contrary Properties of Two Metres

1-1b. Turned Around Perversely & Try To Hate Your Opponent

1-1c. Preparation of a Kind of Oil & Inversion of Direction

2-1. Sam-Dhāna

2-1a. False, Untrue, Impaired & Manufacture

2-1b. Assembly & Combination

2-1c. To Excite Thirst & A Kind of Measure

2-1d. Fixing On As An Arrow & To Receive Admission

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