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Unbunny - Typist - CD

Unbunny - Typist - CD

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Unbunny's Typist is the fourth release in Important Record's Arts & Crafts series. Each release in the series comes packaged with a hand made artifact from the artist(s) on the recording. Typist comes packaged in a screen printed oversized matchbook containing various envelopes in which slides, seeds, stamps, original typewriter artwork, wallpaper, vintage photos and more can be found. Each package was hand made by Unbunny's Jarid del Deo. Typist is limited to 500 copies.

Typist contains 6 new tracks from Unbunny who have, despite some recent larger press attention, continued to go on relatively undiscovered as a result of a reluctance to tour, interview and generally get too involved in the music industry. While many familiar with Unbunny know that del Deo is a wordsmith with a charming sense of lyrical self deprecation matched with wit and a gift for melody, Typist also contains a couple of del Deo's instrumental tracks.

It's our hope that Unbunny will release their first instrumental collection on Important at some point in the next couple of years. But for now, here's Typist, the latest EP from New Hampshire's best kept secret.


1. Entrance

2. The Path

3. Landscape Typing

4. X

5. Typist

6. Ginger Tussle


“What distinguishes Jarid del Deo's work from other confessional songwriters is a pitch-perfect level of self deprecation, an all important injection of humor which, when coupled with his lyrical and melodic brilliance, rewards the listener on multiple levels.” ~ Comes With A Smile

“Bittersweet bedroom pop-Americana.” ~ Mojo

 “Jarid del Deo's Unbunny has somehow flown under the radar.” ~ CMJ

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