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4 Guitars - Live At Luxx - CD

4 Guitars - Live At Luxx - CD

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This was a rare quartet of guitars performance that took place August 8 of 2001 in a now defunct club in Brooklyn by Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Nels Cline and Carlos Giffoni. It's a crystal clear multi-track recording that was later mixed and mastered by producer Wharton Tiers.

Infinite possibilities are explored as the signature styles of each of the group's members create moments of tension, peace and violence - running through every possible range of emotions. Psychedelic tunnels of sound echo through endless guitar lines, minimalism and maximalism simultaneously present, there are no solos and no selfishness, as 4 combine to create an unbelievable 40+ minute long piece. A document of pure sonic exploration of a moment in time that will never be repeated by 4 of the most respected experimentalist of our day.


Upon importing Four Guitars into my iPod, its genre appeared as "unclassifiable." That tells the story pretty accurately. Guitarists Carlos Giffoni, Nels Cline of Wilco, and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo are well matched for this oddity. Throughout the show, recorded in 2001 at Brooklyn's defunct Luxx, the players remain attuned to one another, answering weirdness with chaos. This single forty-two minute track surely worked best in person, where its audible tension could work through the room, but it's a compelling snapshot. Beginning with low clatter, the set builds to white-noise intensity, as guitars and electronics heave and moan under extreme duress. Of the principal's many projects, this is best suited to fans of 1998s Scarnella, a similarly improvised session featuring Cline and Geraldine Fibbers bandmate
Calra Bozulich." *** ~ Jeff Elbel, Big Takeover

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