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Mouthus - The Long Salt - CD

Mouthus - The Long Salt - CD

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This album is a return to more abrasive and heavy Mouthus territory after forays into acoustic instrumentation and, yes, a Fleetwood Mac cover on their recent Troubleman full-length.

Free/tribal percussion spatter 'n clatter duels with endlessly mutating three chord sludge-riffage beneath thick, poison clouds of delayed-out vocal groan. Truly CHOCK full of manic bad-mood energy but maybe psych-droney and resin-soaked enough for the new crop of crunchier noise-heads to nod to as well. Electric guitars strung with duct tape and drums equipped with hundred-year old heads are jettisoned into deep space and dynamited, combusting so vividly that the afterimages soak our retinas with mandalas of interwoven earthworms and beer funnels for hours afterwards. We pass the savings on to YOU!

The Long Salt also features Samara Lubelski.


1. Trains Again

2. The Burns of Them

3. What Knife Say

4. Zigurats

5. Ghetto Stairs

6. WL


"It's messy, beautiful and recalls all the effects and variables of a psychedelic painting or a hyper-real physical experience."~ Brainwashed

"A bottomless well of crashing jolts, roaring accelerations and rumbling cacophany. Mouthus have enough wordless verbiage to fill all the empty heads that could use it." ~ The Wire


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