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Slomo - The Creep - CD

Slomo - The Creep - CD

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The Creep by Slomo is one 60-minute long track packaged in a deluxe Important Records gatefold cardboard jacket printed on both sides with two custom inserts by Slomo. The Creep was originally released on Julian Cope's Fuck Off And Di label in a limited edition of 100... which sold out instantly. Since, it's quickly gained massive underground status after being propped up by the likes of Sunn O))) and The Wire.

"If the doom metal of Khanate is the ideal soundtrack to the 21st Century Odinists' hanging upon the tree of Yggdrasil, then the vegetal music of Slomo is the unfolding, nurturing, ever-becoming ur-ooze that titanically irrigates the roots of that sacred tree. Slomo restores our timeless beginnings and fulfills the Ginnungagap. motherfuckers." ~ Julian Cope

SLOMO are: Howard Marsden on synthesizer& Holy McGrail on guitar. 


1. The Creep


"…seeps into your subconscious, where it flutters like a trapped and burning moth at the back of your brain. Ghostly sounding and ominously rumbling with atmospheric threat, The Creep is an undeniably effective chunk of subterranean echo, whose quaking aftershock could cause sleepless nights." ~ The Wire

"Uneasy, brooding, and honestly unsettling, this disc slowly works its way out of the speakers and into the psyche. Ingrained, it's impossible to put it down, lock it away, carry it to the street with the beer and Scotch bottles to be recycled. Inactivated, it defiantly surfaces in the cat's purr, the Volk's engine knocks, a fritzing hard drive." ~ Dusted Magazine

"A completely culty piece of oozing metastain."  ~ Stephen O'Malley

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