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Various Artists - Imprec100 - CD

Various Artists - Imprec100 - CD

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These are available upon request. Just ask and we''ll include one in your order.Celebrating the first 100 records on Important is IMPREC100. This a free sampler containing tracks from Anoice, Ocean, Citay, James Blackshaw, Diane Cluck, The Dresden Dolls, Barbez, Muslimgauze, Beequeen, Larsen, XXL and many more. While all tracks have been previously released, The Dresden Dolls and Ocean tracks were both exclusive to very limited edition vinyl releases and have not been issued on cd until now.


1. Anoice - The Three Days Blow - from Remmings IMPREC076

2. Citay - Nice Cuffs - from Citay IMPREC071

3. James Blackshaw - O True Believers - from O True Believers IMPREC084

4. Diane Cluck - Easy To Be Around - from Oh Vanille/Ova Nil IMPREC049

5. Piano Magic - Incurable - from Incurable IMPREC090

6. Larsen - C - from Play IMPREC043

7. XXL - Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw - from Ciautistico! IMPREC065

8. Beequeen - The Swag Cave - from BodyshopIMPREC044

9. Barbez - Wisconsin - from Barbez IMPREC036

10. Dresden Dolls - A Night At the Roses - from the Good Day 7" IMPREC021

11. Major Stars - Black Stars - from Syntopticon IMPREC089

12. Muslimgauze - Abdul's Halal - from Uzbekistani Bizarre & Souk IMPREC007

13. Plug (Luke Vibert) - Untitled - from Various Artists: Ikebana IMPREC016

14. Jack Dangers - Anihillating Rhythym - from Loudness Clarifies IMPREC042

15. Ocean - Siamese Twins (Cure cover) from the vinyl version of Here Where Nothing Grows IMPREC073

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