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Alasehir - Sharing the Sacred - CD

Alasehir - Sharing the Sacred - CD

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Alasehir is the project of Bardo Pond brothers John and Michael Gibbons, with drummer Michael Zangha. Unlike the Gibbons' project Alumbrados, also released on Important Records, Alasehir is more rock oriented, establishing a heady, heavy groove and jamming on it throughout.

“The ear of the musician detects a certain musical note in every city which is different from that of another city. He hears in each street a new melody, and to him the sound of wind in the treetops of different forests gives a varying sound. In the Desire World, seemingly, SOUND PROCEEDS FROM FORM. But in the music of ALASEHIR it is different, for while each form occupies and obscures a certain space there, form is nonexistent when viewed from the standpoint of ALASEHIR. Where the form was, a transparent vacuous space is observable. FROM THAT EMPTY VOID COMES A SOUND which is the 'keynote' that creates and maintains the form whence it APPEARS to come, as the almost invisible core of a gas-flame is the source of the light we perceive.” ~ Michael Gibbons

John Gibbons: Guitar, Tamboura; Michael Gibbons: Guitar, Sitar; Michael Zanghi: Drums, Percussion.


1. Jinn

2. Bone Fire

3. Seven Tongues

4. Malta

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