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KK Null - Kosmista Noisea - CD

KK Null - Kosmista Noisea - CD

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Kosmista Noisea is a brand new full length from Japanese legend KK Null (ANP/Zeni Geva). Packaged in a jewel box with a metallic print on a vellum tray card, this was lavishly designed by Stephen O'Malley (Sunn 0)))/Khanate). Kosmista Noisea (Finnish for Cosmic Noise) consists of live recordings from 3 different locations during the 2003–2004 European tour. Kosmista Noisea 1 is taken from 2 separate live recordings and uniquely combined in the studio into one piece with Talcent, Italy on the left channel and St. Etienne, France on the right channel. This technique is designed to give more depth and multiple dimensions. Kosmista Noisea 2 is a 45 minute long non-edit of an entire live performance in Antwerpen, Belgium, showing the diversity of KK Null's music from - intense clashing waves of noise, to structured electro-acoustic ambiance, droning isolationist material.