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Roberto Opalio - Chants From Isolated Ghosts - CD

Roberto Opalio - Chants From Isolated Ghosts - CD

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Chants From Isolated Ghosts is Roberto Opalio's full-length debut album recorded November 2004 at home in Torino, Italy, and originally released on his own Opax Records label in a very limited handmade CDR edition of 100 copies. The work consists of four tracks, for a total length of 38:02.

Roberto Opalio is half of the Italian space duo My Cat Is An Alien. Roberto Opalio is a visual and sound artist from Torino, Italy. His work includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, poetry, glass art, film/video, sound installation, and performance. Since 1998 Roberto Opalio acts as musician (together with his brother Maurizio) in the avant-garde improv duo My Cat Is An Alien. His special works of art represent the trademarked style of all the limited art-edition releases issued on their own Opax Records imprint.This aesthetic is described by Opalio as "space art". The extra-terrestrial nature of his work claims its ontological status in the act of creating a non-finished, otherwordly dimension - a proper alien dimension.

In the last few years Roberto Opalio has performed his videos and specific audio visual installations in various arts & music spaces and festival in Italy and Europe, including the Sage Gateshead Newcastle and CCA Center of Contemporary Arts Glasgow in UK, Victoria Hall Geneve and Fri-son Freiburg in Switzerland, Galeria Ze' dos Bois Lisbon in Portugal, Torino BIG Biannual of Young Artists 2000, Interzona Verona, Init and Spazio S.Ambrogio Roma, Zo' Catania in Italy; group exhibition at Promotrice Delle Belle Arti Torino, as well as many other audio visual performances including Teatro Juvarra, Procope, Liber, Machè, Fuoriluogo and Villa Capriglio among others in his hometown Torino.

Roberto Opalio's poetry works and drawings have been published in journals worldwide, including Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal, Thee Flat Bike and Dream Magazine in USA, Cocktail Molotov Journal in Brazil, The Sound Projector in UK, Sloow Tapes' My Favourite Magazine in Belgium among others.

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