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My Cat Is An Alien - Leave Me In the Black No-Thing - CD

My Cat Is An Alien - Leave Me In the Black No-Thing - CD

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Leave Me In the Black No-Thing is the new full-length album, recorded April 10th, 2006, at MCIAAs Alien Zone located in a remote region of the Western Alps, Piemonte, Italy. The work consists of two tracks entitled Part One and Part Two for a total length of 56:15 minutes.

After having been irradiated by the Cosmic Light of a New Millennium, you find yourself facing a black and white cover, where the only view of the universe is foreshortened, and represents a lighted shape showing branches of pine trees under a white sky, within the darkest black - an element which represents the aesthetic detaching and, at the same time, a further step in the duo's artistic process, which determines their willingness to go beyond any goal already achieved. For MCIAA, to make art means to risk daring the unknown, daring the listener himself to excel his own limits of perception of the work of art in music, without losing anything of their unique and unmistakable style. If, as many of the international critics have been remarking, MCIAAs works live on the boundary between light and darkness, it's also true that Cosmic Light of the Third Millennium celebrated the light of the outer spaces as well as Leave Me In the Black No-Thing represents a jump into the No-Thing of the empty inner spaces. Recorded in their secret recording space up on the Western Alps of Piedmont, Italy, during the trespassing from dusk to the beginning of the night, the work lives of the same dark magic of the Wagnerian post-romantic overtures, suspended between the deepest silence and sonic attack. Light/darkness, noise/silence, all permeated by Roberto Opalio's suffering vocal tunes which defines and underlines the edge of the work.

After the cacophonic and free implosion of the nucleus of the initials 30 minutes, 25 minutes of painful silence follow, sounding like the last whisper before the final end: angels' chorus and ectoplasmatic presences float on Maurizio Opalio's crystal-clear guitar strings. It's the Cosmic Blues of the III Millennium which penetrates into the soul, leaving indelible signs.


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