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Mouthus - Follow This House - CD

Mouthus - Follow This House - CD

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Perhaps appropriately, Follow This House was recorded following a European tour in a state of profound limbic haze and completed and finalized during the unforgettable heat wave of July 2006. These facts make a whole lot of sense since Follow This House sounds like your entire record collection melting in the trunks of a hundred junk yard cars on a hazy, steamy, sweltering hot summer afternoon.

Follow This House by Mouthus is a companion piece to their 2005 full length for Important titled The Long Salt. Picking up right where The Long Salt left off, Follow This House is a record chock full of manic bad mood energy, crunching resin-soaked jams and hundred year old instrumentation ermerging from the soggy mire only to be slowly pushed back in by poison clouds of delayed-out vocal groan.

Mouthus are on a stated mission to incorporate new sounds and new instrumentation into their recordings. Never repeating themselves, Follow This House is less fractured and more minimal, embracing the Mouthus sludgefest like a settling foundation.


1. Vacation Eyes

2. Cameras

3. Lake

4. Half-Thaw


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