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Rameses III - Honey Rose - CD

Rameses III - Honey Rose - CD

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Rameses III are architects of the most beautiful swathes of blissful ambience, and whose releases have previously found homes on labels like Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Music Fellowship, Scarcelight, MYMWLY, Barl Fire and Type.

On Honey Rose, the group’s first release for Important, the South London trio build a bucolic soundtrack to Jon Spira’s mysterious short film “Suityman.” Whilst the influence of Bruce Langhorne, Boxhead Ensemble and much of the 4AD roster can be keenly felt on this six song EP, so too can the wondrous drone narratives that are such a feature of Rameses III’s previous works. More structured and melodious then much of their output, Honey Rose is the perfect place for a newcomer to begin exploring the music of one of the finest purveyors of ambient drone operating in music today.


1. Theme One

2. Theme Two

3. Theme Three

4. Theme Four

5. Theme Five

6. Theme Six


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