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The Bark Haze - LP

The Bark Haze - LP

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This limited edition LP was pressed in an edition of 1000. The first 100 mailorder customers will receive half & half black/white color vinyl. These are completely different recordings than the Bark Haze compact disc, also on Important Records.

The Bark Haze is primarily a guitar duo of Gown (nom de plume of one Andrew Macgregor) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etfuckingcetera). Auxiliary members have been know to include Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Cops et al). Their name came from a mis-hearing of the radical early 70s R+B group the Bar-Kays, and from that moment the concept of mis-hearing and allegiance to presenting the mis-hearing as some open-ended musical course became The Bark Haze's identity. So far all concerts have taken place in Western Massachusetts, and once in the confines of Cambridge, MA's Twisted Village record emporium. They anxiously await their debut gig in the UK at the Nightmare Before Christmas event curated by Moore. As the heroic and potentially bonkers Carpenters refrained We've Only Just Begun. Damn straight.


A1. Saturday

A2. Shit Monitor Kicker

B1. What Do You See


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