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Vanishing Voice - Nordic Visions - CD

Vanishing Voice - Nordic Visions - CD

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Nordic Visions was originally released in a tiny vinyl edition of 525 copies - which sold out immediately. Here it is by demand, resurrected as a digital tiki for the original vinyl release.

While Wooden Wand and Satya Sai jammed with the Sky High Band in beautiful California, the Vanishing Voice dug in deep in the frozen Northeast. Snowed in with utopian texts and mounting paranoia, Steven the Harvester, Heidi White Diamond Diehl, and Pete Wolfy Nolan joined Nonhorse in an abandoned textile factory, boiling out these ballads of suspended disbelief and hope for the better world.


1. Nordic Visions

2. Eideltrout

3. Dewy Ishmad Wolf

4. Black Gold

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