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Jessica Rylan - Interior Designs - CD

Jessica Rylan - Interior Designs - CD

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Jessica Rylan (you may know her better as Can't) is finally releasing her first officially published instrumental work for synthesizer. Titled Interior Designs, these compositions are more “classic” in nature than her work as Can't. Inspired by Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Iannis Xenakis and especially Thomas Lehn, Rylan confidently takes her place among these monumental artists with this collection of strikingly original pieces recorded on a Serge Modular as well as analog synthesizers Rylan built herself.

Jessica Rylan is a sound artist and electronic musician who lives and works in the Boston area. She builds unique synthesizers for installations and live performance. Her designs are influenced by plants, and the historically outmoded. Her music incorporates the intuition of folk music with the techniques of the avant-garde.

Rylan was featured in the PBS documentary Greater Boston Arts in March, 2003. She has created sound installations at the List Visual Arts Center at MIT, the Boston Center for the Arts, Harvard University, and the Berwick Research Institute. She earned an MFA in electronic music from Bard College and has received grants from the Penny McCall Foundation and the LEF Foundation. She is currently a Research Affiliate at MITs Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

Rylan has performed across the United States, Eastern Canada, Scandinavia, and Western Europe; highlights include Moscow, Oslo, Lisbon, Antwerp, London, Chicago, L.A., and New York City. She has performed with Thurston Moore, Wolf Eyes, Lightning Bolt, Emil Beaulieau, Prurient, Hrvatski, Magik Markers, Mouthus, Tim Barnes, Charalambides, Amps for Christ, & Chris Corsano.


1. Extraordinary

2. Timeless

3. Phantasia

4. Interior Designs


The Wire

Musique Machine

Coke Machine Glow

Signal To Noise


Heathen Harvest

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