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Citay - Little Kingdom - LP

Citay - Little Kingdom - LP

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Vinyl edition of the Secretly Canadian released Little Kingdom LP. Limited edition of 500, with 100 on orange vinyl reserved for Important mailorder. (Don't forget to pick up the LP or CD version of Citay's self-titled debut CD released by Important in 2005!)

Track Listing

A1. First Fantasy

A2. Little Kingdom

A3. A Riot of Color

A4. On the Wings

B1. Last Days Last

B2. Eye On the Dollar

B3. Former Child

B4. Moonburn


“Citay really nail that rich acoustic-electric rolling tabla honey harmoney sound that all those heavy bands - Sabbath and Zeppelin, especially-used to do, back when all the best musicians were inspired by what the Incredible String Band were doing, and were still able (or willing) to express a feminine side to go with their preening barbarian or depressive wail aspects....This is an album without a sell-by date, with a song for every season.... Monumental.” ~ Arthur Magazine

“Inspired by the acoustic sides of 70s rock behemoths Led Zeppelin, Heart and Black Sabbath, they've taken a detour into lush, baroque folk and sun-kissed Laurel Canyon jams; blending those groups with more pastoral shades with the likes of John Fahey, Pentangle and CSN&Y to very fine effect.” ~ MOJO

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