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Ocean/Conifer - Split - LP

Ocean/Conifer - Split - LP

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700 copies on black; 100 copies on white; 100 copies on coke bottle; 100 copies on rust.

2 long 20 minute tracks from each group. This is the first new material since Ocean's critically acclaimed Here Where Nothing Grows was released on Important a couple of years back. This is also the first Conifer release on Important. We'll be releasing a full length with them at some point in 2008.

This split 12” release is limited to 1000 copies and is packaged in a 2 color screen printed mylar jacket which lines up off center with the offset printed inner jacket. The screen printed jackets were made by the same company who did the mylar inserts for Boris' Vein last year. Cover artwork is of a 19th century statue located at the center of Portland, Maine, the dramatic coastal home of both groups. This is the sound of a musical brotherhood entirely unique to Ocean & Conifer. Over the years, Ocean and Conifer have shared vans, stages, members, practice spaces, apartments, beers, a city and a kindred musical spirit. In a lot of ways it's a shock that that split hasn't happened already but perhaps it was so obvious that nobody noticed that it needed to happen. Sometimes the truth is right beneath your nose. With their original drummer back in the line-up, since Eric Brackett left to focus his energy on Ocean, Conifer has re-enlisted their original drummer Nate Nadeau. With Nate back in the group they're heavier, tighter and more united than ever before. They've toured and played with Mono, Black Dice, High On Fire, Asva, Mouth of the Architect and many more. Thanks to heavy touring and well received (though hard to find) records, they've created a substantial international following. Ocean's 20 minute epic was recorded in the same sessions that birthed their next album, currently untitled, for Important. Containing all of the epic minimalist intensity and robust heaviness that has gained them international attention, Durance Vile is a whole new level.


A: Ocean - Durance Vile

B: Conifer - Building State Empire

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