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Thuja - Thuja - LP

Thuja - Thuja - LP

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This is a limited edition of 500 copies on LP. The first 100 copies are on blue vinyl & are reserved for Important mailorder.

Improvisational Bay Area quartet Thuja create aural landscapes that capture the reverberations of wood and wire, the sounds of breaking sticks and scraping stones, and the ambiance of their surroundings into a shifting, dynamic musical framework. The members of Thuja play off each other and the space they inhabit with a natural instinct, succeeding in conjuring spectral compositions which are at once abstract yet inviting. For this self-titled release, their sixth full-length, and first for Important Records, Thuja have assembled recordings from various live performance spaces (the Hemlock, the Oaklandish Gallery, Pehr Space, Kains Greenhouse) and have welcomed a variety of guests into the fold to help assist and expand their microscopic psychedelia toward a new plateau. After eight years, the semi-annual gathering of the members of Thuja is almost traditional, but new clearings are still to be discovered in its thickets of sound.

This self-titled release is yet another essential artifact from Thuja's ongoing explorations.


1. Oaklandish

2. Hemlock

3. Pehr Space

4. Kains Greenhouse

5. Pehr Space

6. Kains Basement

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