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Beequeen - Sandancing - CD

Beequeen - Sandancing - CD

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After the now normal gap of two years or so, Beequeen is presents a new album; a matured sound from The Bodyshop (also on Important Records). More song based, this album now features vocals by Olga Wallis exclusively (with some backing by Freek Kinkelaar). This record is not without the well-rounded pop songs in some places, but Beequeen never forget to put in some strange element, without leaping in the dark alley of pointless experiment. Orchestral in The Illogical Song, collage-like in The Edie Three Step, and a simple rhythm machine in The Honeythief. Beequeen does all, and with great care and seeming ease.

This album was assisted by Barry Gray (former, and first, guitarist of The Legendary Pink Dots) and would not have been the album that is without the invaluable production skills of Erik Drost.


1. A While Away

2. Breathe

3. Melt

4. The Edie Three Step

5. The Honeythief

6. Tomorrow

7. The Maypole Song

8. Sandancing

9. There, It Has Been Said

10. The Illogical Song


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