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Andrew Liles - The Wardrobe - 7"

Andrew Liles - The Wardrobe - 7"

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Limited edition 7" printed in a run of 300 with screen printed jackets.

The Wardrobe is a collaboration between Tony Wakeford and Andrew Liles combining the very best of Andrew Liles' twisted and incomprehensible vision with Tony Wakeford's dark sensibilities.

Lucifer Before Sunrise originally appeared some 15+ years ago on the excellent Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish by Tony Wakeford and Steven Stapleton. This version of Lucifer Before Sunrise is radically different from both the original and the version that appeared on the 2006 Wardrobe album, A Sandwich Short.

Lucifer Before Sunrise also features guest appearances from Helen and Alice Potter (daughters of the infamous Colin).

The B-side is a new verison of the Sol Invictus classic, Abattoirs of Love.


A. Lucifer Before Sunrise (Inferno Mix)

B. Abattoirs of Love

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