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John Fahey - The Mill Pond & Collected Paintings - CD

John Fahey - The Mill Pond & Collected Paintings - CD

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This deluxe letterpressed jacket is available on white board stock or on brown chipboard stock. If you would like one or the other please specify which you'd like. If you want both you can order both the white and chipboard for $24. Each edition pressed in an edition of 1500.

The Mill Pond was originally released in 1997 as a double 7" that immediately went out of print. For it's 10th anniversary we're issuing it on compact disc housed in a deluxe letterpressed jacket and including an extensive booklet collecting John Fahey's paintings for the very first time in Very Limited Edition.

John Fahey had been around since the 1950s, making records (mostly) with just his acoustic guitar. He influenced countless guitarists, from Robbie Basho to Leo Kotke to Jim O'Rourke to Thurston Moore. His music has been called folk, blues, bluegrass, noise, even (gasp!) new age, so you're never quite sure what you're going to get with any of his releases. All of them, almost without exception, though, are excellent.

On this EP, Fahey used heavy reverb, electric slide, feedback and vocals. He gets a bit of help from Jeff Allman, who recorded the songs and adds some electronic noise in spots, and from Scott Colburn, who mixed the tracks, but this record is all Fahey. The Mill Pond further proves that there is only one category into which he fits: truly innovative guitar genius.

"Four ecstatic, lo-fi grabs for the ring of eternity, recorded in Fahey's Oregon hotel room. Containing the first graspable evidence of John''s throat-singing abilities, this represents the merging of the bull and the china shop. The crudity of the electronics and the delicacy of the stringwork makes for a wonderful match." ~ Byron Coley


1. Ghosts

2. Garbage

3. You Can't Cool Off In the Mill Pond, You Can Only Die

4. The Mill Pond Drowns Hope



Signal To Noise

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