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Dan Friel - Ghost Town - LP/CD

Dan Friel - Ghost Town - LP/CD

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The first 100 records shipped will be on red vinyl. All copies shipped after that will be on black vinyl. There's been some heavy buzz around this record so color vinyl will not last long.

Ghost Town is the first full-length solo release from Parts & Labor singer/electrician Dan Friel. Characterized by its anthemic melodies, complex electronic arrangements and huge distorted beats, Ghost Town is an indie record the noise kids will love, and a noise record that'll inspire the indie kids to pick up some busted electronic gear and strive for immortality. Ghost Town is where everyone can meet in the middle and freak out about how insanely good this record is. Comparisons are tough but perhaps if In The Aeroplane Over The Sea was sculpted out of distorted noise you might be getting close.

Dan Friel has been using toy keyboards, guitar effects pedals, walkie talkies and r/c car remotes to make a series of instrumental electronics EPs since 2001. Ostensibly a western, Ghost Town alternates between dense, distorted, beat-driven epiphanies, and haunting solos from a variety of makeshift instruments. Ghost Town also features the eye-popping artwork from renowned print/illustration artist Shawn Reed (Racoo-oo-oon, Night People Records).

Note: If you plan on playing this in the record shop you work at during open hours, you'd better make sure you've got plenty in stock. This is one of those records you can sell to everyone from the noise-heads in the corner, to fitness moms looking for something to work out to. Dan Friel's Ghost Town has universal appeal.


1. Ghost Town (Pt. 1)

2. Desert Song

3. One Legged Cowboy

4. Appliances of Bremen

5. Buzzards

6. Ghost Town (Pt. 2)

7. Singing Sand

8. Horse Heaven