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Bass Communion - Molotov & Haze - CD

Bass Communion - Molotov & Haze - CD

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Molotov & Haze is packaged in a deluxe tip-on style heavy duty gatefold jacket with the CD slipped into a Japanese inner bag. Design by Carl Glover.

Bass Communion is a project dedicated to Steven Wilson’s recordings in an ambient, drone, and/or electronic vein. Most of the pieces are experiments in texture made from processing recordings of real instruments and field recordings. The atmosphere of the music tends towards the dark and melancholic, but is expressed with an almost Zen-like beauty. More recently Wilson has also started working with a guitar and laptop configuration - this is the first album of this material.


1. Molotov 1502

2. Glacial 1602

3. Corrosive 1702

4. Haze 1402


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