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IMPREC200 - Sampler

IMPREC200 - Sampler

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Eight years ago I started Important Records in a small rented house on the ocean in New Hampshire. At the time there were plans for a Daniel Johnston 7" and I remember thinking that if Important could just make it to ten records it would be a success.

Here we are many years later releasing IMPREC200 - a free CD collecting tracks from the last 100 Important releases including Grails, Dan Friel, Rivulets, Alessandro Stefana, Chieko Mori, Larsen, XXL, Julia Kent, Kurt Weisman, Christina Kubisch, Piano Magic & many more. A splendid Important mix-tape. Available with all orders and at finer record shops in your neighborhood and online.

Not purchasing anything? You can have IMPREC200 delivered to your door for the cost of postage only



1. Dan Friel - Ghost Town Pt. 1

2. Grails - Belgian Wake-Up Drill

3. Alessandro Stefana - Poste E Telegrafi Blues

4. Kurt Weisman - Spiritual Sci-Fi

5. Julia Kent - Tempelhof

6. Chieko Mori - Spiral Wave

7. Rameses III - Theme Pt. 2

8. Larsen - Rebirth

9. Larsen - Abeceda Pt. 3

10. XXL (4) - King of Koalas

11. Smegma - Up There

12. Christina Kubisch - Homage With Minimal Disinformation

13. Beequeen - The Edie Three Step

14. Rivulets - You Are My Home

15. Asa Irons & Swan Miller - Abacus

16. Piano Magic - Saints Preserve Us

17. Grails - Take Refuge

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