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Tom Carter - Shots At Infinity 2 - LP

Tom Carter - Shots At Infinity 2 - LP

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This is the companion release to the Tom Carter CD titled Shots At Infinity 1 being release on Important simultaneously.

Shots at Infinity 2 is two long live tracks in the same mode as Shots At Infinity 1, but more loose and blown out; recorded in Nemo Bidstrup's record store and Burnt Hills' basement jam zone.

Tom Carter is a guitar player best known for his work with acclaimed psych-drone iconoclasts Charalambides. Since 2000, however, he has become increasingly active as not only a solo artist but as a collaborator. He has performed with improvising musicians as diverse as Thurston Moore, Jandek, Tetuzi Akiyama, Matt Valentine, and many others, as well as being a key member in groups like Badgerlore (with Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance), Friday Group, Mudsuckers (with Robert Horton and The Yellow Swans), and Zaika (with Marcia Bassett of The Double Leopards and Hototogisu).

Carter's solo work covers a lot of territory, but latter-day sightings show him to be concentrating on looped guitar drones of immensely stacked beauty, with heaps of psychedelic melodic content missing from the repertoires of many noise and drone bands. His influences include everyone from LaMonte Young to David Crosby.


A. Royal Bel Air

B. Burning Crown Vic

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