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Merzbow - Dolphin Sonar - CD

Merzbow - Dolphin Sonar - CD

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Author, activist, painter and sound artist Masami Akita had been at the foreground of experimental music for over 25 years. Inspired by psycedelic rock, free jazz, early electronic composition as well the physical arts, especial Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau, Masami Akita has created a musical language all his own.

Dolphin Sonar is Merzbow's full length protest album against the annual brutal slaughtering of some 2,500 dolphins in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture Japan. This is an angry album full of beats, blasts and broken glass. Clattering smashes are pursued by by pulsing analog whirls like the heart of a dolphin being chased through the bloodied waters of Taiji. Filtered blasts of pummel and sound slaughter. Another Merzbow classic with the finest cover art money can buy by Jenny Akita. Liner notes from Captain Paul Watson.