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Tecumseh - Avalanche & Inundation - LP/CD

Tecumseh - Avalanche & Inundation - LP/CD

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Limited edition LP version of 500. The first 100 are on white vinyl.

Formed in 2004, Tecumseh creates drone metal of the heaviest variety although with more forward movement than some of their peers and with the addition of cold electronic hiss. Using 2 basses, electronics, percussion and guitar, Tecumseh wrap themselves and their listeners in a warm sonic meditative slow motion blanket woven from their skilled use of sound and space. Avalanche & Inundation was recorded in the Winter of 2008 with Jeremy Romagna (Yellow Swans, Trees, Silentist).


1. Skies of Joy and Sorrow

2. Traveling Alongside Death

3. Cascadia


"This is the perfect metallic drifting off music, almost like they've discovered some new genre, sludge-ambient, doom-age, whatever you decide to call it, it's pretty amazing, and fans of all things slow motion,downtuned and yes, heavy will dig this big time." ~ Aquarius

"The sound is sludgy and the pace snail-like but subtle. Within its monochrome scheme of blackness, and yet more blackness as its slow, slow, riffs unfurl there are small variations in tone. Such is the hermetically sealed inwardly directed feel of Tecumseh's sound that these tiny variations are like tiny rafts in an otherwise empty sea. And in the end the listening experience isn't some feat of endurance but strangely calming, it's blackness like a vast lake of crude oil with only the faintest of ripples disturbing it's surface." ~The Wire

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