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Slomo - The Bog - CD

Slomo - The Bog - CD

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The Bog is the 2nd full-length release from Slomo, honing down the ritual clatter of their first album, The Creep (2005), into a more cumbersome and laden affair, ever heading downwards into the Northern Underworld upon slurries of unsignposted mung.

Core duo Holy McGrail & Howard Marsden once again create a lumpy bed of bass-heavy synthesizer and guitar drones while Arch-drude Julian Cope provides a coda to proceedings with the recital of his poem Land, especially written for this album.

Slomo is:

Holy McGrail: Moog Taurus II, Sunn Mustang, Clatter;

Howard Marsden: Korg MS10 & Korg MS20, Hiss;

Julian Cope: Poem.