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Risil - Non Meters Vol. 1 - 2LP/CD

Risil - Non Meters Vol. 1 - 2LP/CD

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Function: adjective

Etymology: Latin resilient, resiliens, present participle of resilire to jump back, recoil, from re-salire to leap.

Characterized or marked by resilience:

a: capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture

b: tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

Risil is a collective of musicians that are all somehow connected to each other in some form or fashion. Risil's membership includes Guillermo Herren (Prefuse 73/Savath & Savallas), Zach Hill (Hella), Tyondai Braxton (Battles), John McEntire (Tortoise), Alejandra Deheza (School of Seven Bells), Eva Puyuelo Muns (Savath & Savalas).The project started as a chance for a large number of people to freely collaborate without a set goal for the end result or achieving a certain sound. This turned into about 50 songs, with possibly 5 different versions of each, within a year. Therefore, this is the first volume of Risil recordings, they are split into three volumes based on the time each piece was made and the players who worked together the most during each period of open time. Also available in a limited double vinyl pressing of 1000 copies.

Cover artwork by Jake Blanchard


1. Risil Intro

2. There Has To Be

3. Everyone Else's World

4. This Air I Breathe

5. Open Rendering

6. Was Once For Zanzo

7. Better Run

8. Son of Yucatan

9. Start Slow

10. Oxygen Path

11. Implicate 

12. Zantra

13. We Were Ruined Before We Started

14. Risil Outro 


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