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Skull Defekts - Waving - 7"

Skull Defekts - Waving - 7"

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Limited edition of 300 copies. Available directly via Important Records only or from the band on tour. This is a mailorder only title. It won't be in shops.

The Skull Defekts is a band from Sweden in the very North of Europe. Their intense, monotonous, rhythmic and sexual out rock has since their start in early 2005 been spreading energies of various kinds to welcoming audiences and listeners.

The DFX have also been exploring worlds of noise, the drone and psychedelic electronics on waves on releases for labels like Riot Season, iDEAL, Release the Bats and Conspiracy Records. Their album for Important Records - The Temple (February 2009) can be seen as the follow up to Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing (Conspiracy/Nail) but it's deeper, harder, more sex, more occult. A 7" from the album entitled Waving with an exclusive B-side is released in 300 copies for their October 2008 tour, also on Important.

The tour is their first one in North America but they have played all over Europe and the Skulls have only hit Chicago before... It's time for others to get DFXed. DFX is sex, rhythm and the power of sound.

With a background in hardcore, garage rock, post punk and experimental music - The Skull Defekts wears echoes of their past alongside with influences from tribal roots music, sufi rituals, drone, techno, no wave, 80's Factory Records stuff and it's surroundings, industrial music, the occult, underground club culture and manipulations of the mind. They have collaborated with artists like CM von Hausswolff, Lasse Marhaug, Sewer Election and others.

The Skull Defekts is

*Henrik Rylander on drums and electronics (ex-founding member of the infamous Swedish garage rock band Union Carbide Productions, photographer and sound artist);

*Joachim Nordwall on guitar, vocals and analog stuff (ex-member of Kid Commando and collaborator with Mika Vainio/Pan Sonic, Leif Elggren, Mark Wastell and others, curator and head of the brave record label iDEAL Recordings. Also member of Alvars Orkester, Satan Power and Oceans of Silver & Blood);

*Jean-Louis Huhta on percussion, effects and electronics (ex-member of Anti Cimex, Cortex, LPC etc, old school skater and legendary techno dj);

*Daniel Fagerstroem on guitar, vocals and electronics (ex-member of Trapdoor Fucking Exit, 8 Days of Nothing, The Members of Tinnitus).

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