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Holy Sons - Drifter's Sympathy - CD

Holy Sons - Drifter's Sympathy - CD

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Brand new full length from Grails/Om member Emil Amos. While burying himself in old books on Cold War espionage and 70s Italian horror soundtracks, Emil Amos logged many hours into the night layering endless tracks of improv and then editing them into a cohesive sonic blanket over 2 years time. He emerged with his 6th full length record under the name Holy Sons called Drifter's Sympathy. Listeners will recognize Amos' signature hallucinatory/LSD-inspired mixing-style heard on records like Black Tar Prophecies, Doomsdayer's Holiday and Take Refuge by his other group Grails.

Drifter's Sympathy draws from the instrumental moods of Grails and melds perfectly with his usually vocally-based solo-project, creating a densely paranoid atmosphere that evenly balances sonic experimentation with refined folk/blues song-forms.

The main cornerstone of influence for Drifter's Sympathy are the German experimental four-track journeymen like Gunter Schikert, Eroc and Achim Reichel whose records reflected a sonic appetite that challenged the limits of the expressiveness of each instrument and tried anything in the mixing process to create a sound-world as labyrinthine and complex as the human mind itself. Rather than making music based only on skill, melodicism, soulfulness or technique, Drifter's Sympathy seems to argue that the most vital quality in music is pure imagination.


1. Snowed In

2. Drifter's Sympathy

3. Drifter's Dub

4. Burrow Away

5. Raised By Wolves

6. Data Miner's Theme

7. More Mind Briars

8. Immolation Thrills


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