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Steven R. Smith/Gareth Davis - Westering - LP

Steven R. Smith/Gareth Davis - Westering - LP

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In May of 2008, Amsterdam-based clarinetist Gareth Davis and American guitarist Steven R. Smith convened at Worstward Studios, in Los Angeles to collaborate and create music together, the results of which have been titled Westering. Gareth Davis is a dedicated performer of contemporary music while at the same time works with improvising musicians such as Jon Balke and Terje Rypdal as well as electronic artists including Machinefabriek and Ryan Teague (Type Records) and has recently completed the Rabbit at the Airport series of LPs with Martin Stig Andersen and Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner). Steven R. Smith has been releasing a steady stream of solo records for over the last decade as well as playing in various improvisational groups including Thuja, Hala Strana, and most recently Ulaan Khol. This fruitful collaboration has created the perfect meeting place between the scrapings and various layers of musical detritus Steven R. Smith has been known for and the textural, guttural and almost feedback laden bass clarinet of Gareth Davis to create a delicate and abstract musical language of shifting moods and textures.

Screen printed at Monoroid on heavy duty board stock.


Side A:

1. A Relic

2. Westering

3. Surmises

4. Symphony

5. Source & Thereof

Side B:

1. The Pulpit

2. Contrasted View

3. Birds As Aassing Souls

4. Surmises II

5. Epilogue

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