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Deceh - Deceh - LP

Deceh - Deceh - LP

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Warehouse find 
Low numbers, letterpress cover, screen printed insert

Handmade copies were produced to use leftover vinyl. These are lettered instead of numbered and there were less than 24 made. 

Limited edition of 400. The first 100 handmade letterpress covers are printed silver on black - 300 covers are gold on black.

Deceh is a drone quartet utilizing traditional Indian instruments as well as vintage analog synthesizers. This record was recorded on a centered room microphone with the group seated in a perfect square around it. This method of recording captured the focused intimacy of the moment, complete with the crackling bellows of an ancient harmonium.

Bringing strict discipline, control and patience they're able to achieve densely transcendental focus in their work. Imagine taking three notes from Terry Riley and stretching them out into pulsating 20-minute sublime pieces. An obvious reference point might be the recent Yoshi Wada Earth Drones reissues but somehow even more transcendent. Acoustic & analogue. Deceh.

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