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Various Artists - Viva Negativa! A Tribute To the New Blockaders, Volume III: USA - 2CD

Various Artists - Viva Negativa! A Tribute To the New Blockaders, Volume III: USA - 2CD

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Volume III in a series of UK/European/US and Japanese artists’ tributes to the pioneering UK Noise group The New Blockaders including exclusive tracks by:

Z’EV, The Haters, Controlled Bleeding, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Wolf Eyes, Macronympha, Emil Beaulieau, AMK, Idea Fire Company, John Wiese, Daniel Menche, Damion Romero, Aaron Dilloway, Lockweld, Prurient, Richard Ramirez, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jason Kahn, mnortham, Carlos Giffoni, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, etc.

Artwork by Richard Rupenus (TNB).

The New Blockaders are a group who, more than any other, define the essence of true Noise music both in art and in act. Their influence on the current crop of popular crossover Noise artists such as Prurient and Wolf Eyes is immeasurable. Emerging at the beginning of the 1980s alongside the Industrial grind of Throbbing Gristle and the harsh, abrasive Power Electronics of Whitehouse, TNB stood out through a purity of vision. Their first record, 1982s Changez Les Blockeurs, is noise in its most rudimentary form: metallic grating sounds and analogue feedback redefined what could be classified as music. Its abstract form and Dadaist construction challenged all that had appeared before. It’s anti-music approach presented a recording closer to the theory-driven work of Einsturzende Neubauten than their supposed contemporaries.They would appear rarely and when they did it would be in anonymity. The records would emerge even more infrequently with little information and in tiny runs. Collaborations in recent years with artists such as Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Merzbow have bough their anti-sound to a younger and diverse audience. The metal-bashing of K2, the awkwardness of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, the density of Macronympha and the abrasiveness of Merzbow all owe something to the anti-music of TNB. They can truly be credited as pioneers of Noise music as we know it today.


Disc One:

Z'EV "Chips Off The New Block"

Keith Fullerton Whitman "September 27th, 1960"

Alan Courtis "Happy Blockaders Time"

Controlled Bleeding "The Latest Hole In My Head"

Plethora "Last Night I Dremt of Anti-Fest... This Morning I Woke Up Deaf"

Macronympha "Riding Down Lost Highway"

The Haters "Mantra To Rot"

Emil Beaulieau "Anti-Vartan"

Lockweld "Catharsis Bomb"

Daniel Menche "Smoldered Blockaders"

John Wiese "Annul"

Broken Penis Orchestra "The Kill Lump"

Jason Kahn "Rille"


Disc Two: 

Idea Fire Company "Les Heros De La Barricade Finale"

mnortham "Plotting Course On the Field of Nothingness"

Thurston Moore "Corion Sound For TNB"

Jim O'Rourke "407 Seconds Over"

Damion Romero "Broken Block"

Prurient "Majdanek Slaughterhouse"

Richard Ramirez "Cultural Blockade"

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "Untitled"

Carlos Giffoni "Richard Walks Into the Sea"

AMK "Phlegm Angst"

Aaron Dilloway "Machine Rape (Blitzkrieg)"

Wolf Eyes "Fisted Gadgets"


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