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Holy Sons - Criminals Return

Holy Sons - Criminals Return

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With Holy Sons' newest full-length Criminal''s Return, Emil Amos dabbles in the "Revenge Fantasy" genre, going toe to toe with Roger Waters in the race to become the most bitter songwriter in the world. If Spacemen 3 coined ''the sound of confusion'' Holy Sons can stake claim to ''the sound of disappointment." Criminal's Return was recorded in various studios over the last 2 years but also contains 3 studio songs from 2005 that feature the last violin recording contributions of Timothy Horner (Grails) who's since been M.I.A.


1. From Now On

2. Arranged Release

3. I'm Surrounded

4. Thorns

5. Fermenting Mind

6. Criminal's Return, Pt. I

7. Cruel + Unusual

8. Possession

9. Criminal's Return, Pt. II

10. Chemical Fire