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Jozef Van Wissem - Ex Patris - LP/CD

Jozef Van Wissem - Ex Patris - LP/CD

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Expanded CD version available with bonus tracks! Previous release was an LP release limited to 550 copies - the first 100 on red vinyl - cut by Salt & Cut at RTI for the highest possible clarity and depth of sound.

The title Ex Patris (from the fathers) plays on the idiomatic baroque lute compositions presented here which emulate the classical repertoire. It also refers to this almost forgotten instrument, which was passed on by the fathers. The aim is to bring back and liberate the lute. The four compositions on Ex Patris form a circular narrative of interlocking repetitive melodic series. The follow-up release to It Is All That Is Made, also on Important,  kicks off with the pro-apocalyptic track, The Day is Coming. Amor Fati (Love Is A Religion) channels a deep interest in both love for religion and religious belief in love. Multiple palindromes are juxtaposed and linger. Son of Dawn consists of mirrored lute harmonics that serve as an intro to the 13-minute elegiac After the Fire Has Devoured All It Will Consume Itself. The piece builds and releases tension and puts layer upon layer of ecstatic melody. At the end even the work itself gets devoured but it remains eternal, with no potential beginning, and without end.


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