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Mountainhood - The River b/w The Road - 7"

Mountainhood - The River b/w The Road - 7"

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300 exquisitely handmade copies.

Part 2 in the Larger Multivisorial Dreamsaga Called: The Light, The Road, recorded in NYC, continues the Epic Narrative of Kria Blisses' Journey to/through the Chrystal Palace first introduced in Goldenness, Part 1. Packaging painted, pencilled, photographed in New Almaden, Northern California or Point Lobos, Big Sur, also forms a narrative whole broken down into several acts or series perceivable only by Over-Eye.

This record follows his sold out records on Time Lag, Ecstatic Yod & Reverb Worship.

This is volume ten in our Arts & Crafts series. Each record in the series is released in handmade packaging by the artist on the record.

It's clear that Michael Hilde poured countless hours into these jackets so we've documented each one. There wasn't enough time to photograph the inside covers which are as detailed as the outside. Hilde went beyond all expectations.

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