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Kouhei Matsunaga/Mika Vainio - Split

Kouhei Matsunaga/Mika Vainio - Split

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This is Important's first release in a 4 record series each featuring the work of the enigmatic Japanese artist Kouhei Matsunaga.

Mika Vainio's A side is a lengthy work of harsh electronic drones while Kouhei Matsunaga contributes experimental electronic breakbeats for side two.

Mika Vainio is acclaimed as half of Pan Sonic and for his solo work as well. Kouhei Matsunaga's first record was released on the Mille Plateaux label in 1998. Since then he has kept busy with numerous collaborations as well as his work with NHK (Raster Noton). Kouhei seamlessly weaves all of his work together in seemingly effortless fashion.


1. Processing the Dead Minotaur

2. Purple Wind

3. Gapaddiction