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Aun - VII - CD

Aun - VII - CD

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Brand new full length from Aun, featuring Voivod's Away on drums. Artwork by Justin Bartlett.

Aun’s bi-polar output generally shifts between dreamy lulling harmonic distortion, to sheer gut wrenching ultra downtuned avant black dirge. Aun/VII is of the latter; of strong melodic and compositional sense, impossibly detuned guitars and electric power surges, soar through deep space and into black holes. While demented acid-fueled fiddlers torment the high ends, ghostly cowboy melodies and industrial strength psychedelia are time-kept by Away (of prog-speed legends Voivod). Playing an uncharacteristic strain of jazzy, motorik and tribal rhythms, Away traps the surreal electrocution state of VII, which is complemented by a mystical and symbolic heavy Justin Bartlett adornment.

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